Wagering framework for 5g88 football betting site

Welcome to my article. I have found this wagering structure for NFL wins around 63 percent of the time giving an advantage each season. In a perfect world it will continue and you can win as well. It is amazingly easy to learn and use so there is no explanation behind not looking at it – great karma in any case, research the NFL plan for the week and recognize the dim ponies playing at home. For the dull pony bunch playing at home, notice the gathering they are playing against. What you need to do by and by is take a gander at the field surface of the gathering playing at home against the field surface that the away gathering is familiar with playing on. I will list all the NFL bunches play surfaces under.

In case the dim pony bunch playing at home is playing on a substitute sort of surface than the away gatherings home field, by then bet for the home since quite a while ago shot gathering in the line spread to win. Generally this NFL wagering structure is too bet on the dull pony bunch playing at home versus a gathering that is not familiar with playing on that field’s surface sort. Constantly bet on the point spread, not the money line. For example, if the Cleveland Browns are playing at home versus the New England Patriots and the Browns are the dull ponies, by then you will put down a straight wagered bet on the Cleveland Browns right now the Browns field has a grass surface, while the 5g88 home field has a turf surface.


The Patriots are progressively used to the turf surface that they play on at home, thusly their chances of winning strikingly diminishes when they are playing on a field that has a grass surface. Here are the NFL surface conditions to help you with this 63 percent winning system:

NFL Teams and Home Surface Conditions

  • Arizona Cardinals Grass
  • Atlanta Falcons Turf
  • Baltimore Ravens Turf
  • Wild bull Bills Turf
  • Carolina Panthers Grass
  • Chicago Bears Grass
  • Cincinnati Bengals Turf
  • Cleveland Browns Grass
  • Dallas Cowboys Turf
  • Denver Broncos Grass
  • Detroit Lions Turf
  • Green Bay Packers Grass
  • Houston Texans Grass
  • Indianapolis Colts Turf
  • Jacksonville Jaguars Grass
  • Kansas City Chiefs Grass
  • Minnesota Vikings Turf

The writing is on the wall. A fundamental NFL Betting System for you to use and profit by. As of now, here are some extra Tips to help this structure. In case you are new to American Sports Betting there is a few terms worth learning. First thing, to bet on the money line means to bet in a gathering to win overall.